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Safety Deposit Boxes for Sale

Diebold 15 ¾” x 32 ½” nestsDiebold Safety Deposit Boxes

  • 3 boxes 5″ x 10″    SOLD
  •  3 boxes 10″ x 10″  SOLD
  • 9 boxes 5″ x 10″   SOLD
  • 15 boxes 3″ x 10″ SOLD
  • 18 boxes 5″ x 5″   SOLD

Other nests 16″ x 32 ½”

  • 3 boxes 5″ x 10″ SOLD
  • 3 boxes 10″ x 10″ SOLD
  • 15 boxes 3″ x 10″

Sequential nests are available. Please contact us for details or call (619) 450-6680.

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Safe Buying Guide

If you are uncertain what model would fit your needs, below is some information about choosing a safe for your home or business. If you would like more information on these units or our other safes please email us or call (619) 450-6680 for a free consultation with one of our professional technicians.

About our Safes
We sell both first- (new) and second-hand (used) safes. All second-hand safes are open and cleaned. Our safes have been inspected by a SAVTA Certified Professional SafeTech (CPS) and are stored at a secure indoor location. Upon purchase will set the combination to your specification. Services such as installation, bolt-down, and modification are also available; please call for a estimate.
Choosing Safe Sizes
When choosing a safe the first question is obviously one of capacity. If you have a clear idea of what you would like to store inside, measure how much space the items need and plan to purchase a model at least 25% larger. This ensures everything in the safe will be easy to access and ensures that overlooked items will fit in the safe later. It is important to buy a safe large enough to fit everything you need to secure for years to come so many professionals recommend you choose a model nearly 50% larger if your space permits. You also may need features such as adjustable shelves or locking internal compartments. Once you know the ideal capacity you can determine dimensions and choose the location of the safe. This is largely dependent the space available to you and how often you need to access the items inside but it is important to check that the safe fits through all doors and that the floor is strong enough to support the unit.
About Fire Ratings
There are two key ratings that must be considered when choosing a safe: the unit’s resistance to fire and defense against burglary. Fire resistance is rated by how long the contents within the safe can be kept at an acceptable temperature during a fire. This is a critical factor when choosing a safe for storing important information. Generally this temperature is 350°F but there are also models rated lower for the storage of sensitive media such as floppy discs.
About Burglary Ratings
Safes resistant to burglary are often assigned letter-grades for insurance purposes. A “B” rate safe has at least ¼” walls and a ½” door but is not tested. A “C” rate safe has at least ½” walls and 1″ doors. An “ER” rate safe has been tested to the TL-15 rating explained below while a “E” rate safe is an otherwise similar unit that has not undergone testing. Likewise an “F” rate safe is comparable to a TL-30.

Burglary resistance test ratings are based on how long an experienced safecracker familiar with the safe and possessing the appropriate tools would take to open the safe. This is commonly expressed in the UL ratings such as TL-15 and TL-30 denoting respective resistances of 15 and 30 minutes. There are also RSC (Residential Security Containers) for home use that are rated TL-5. Finally there are also specialty models with higher ratings such as TRTL-30/60 and TRXL-60 that are resistant to torches and explosions respectively. Higher ratings add cost and weight to the unit. If you are uncertain of what qualities you need for your situation, our trained technicians can recommend a safe to fit your needs.

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